Our Services

TLDR Global works with dozens of leading crypto companies from early tech startups to major platforms. We look forward to discussing how we can help your project push its limits.

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We help leading token projects and companies succeed. From the Fortune 500 to new token issuers, we provide the experience, strategy and network that will drive the first 1 billion crypto users.

Global Strategy

Over 20 TLDR partners in seven global markets help exchanges, platforms, startups and corporates drive the crypto ecosystem forward. From utility tokens and traditional capital markets, to building ecosystems and user bases, TLDR is at the forefront of strategic planning for many industry-defining projects.

People and Experience

We value amazing people and our team has the real-world experience and know-how to solve any problem. TLDR's team draws upon a range of experience building out products and businesses from across the cyber-security, artificial intelligence, marketing, and blockchain spaces. From pursuing hackers at the FBI to building unicorns in Silicon Valley, we empower our clients with the tools needed to compete beyond the crypto economy.

Ecosystem and Community

From Tokyo to Berlin, we have teams on the ground to help you connect to local developers, influencers and users. Our global reach allows us to solve challenges on an unprecedented scale in an industry that demands worldwide coverage.

Crypto Security

Our digital, physical, and custody security team combines 100+ years experience at leading US Government institutions and corporates. We work tirelessly to safeguard leading crypto companies and executives against hackers and token theft.