TLDR Signs First South Korean Based Project: TEMCO

South Korea has always pushed to be a major force in technology, and it's now shifting its sights to crypto. These are exciting times for South Korea and TLDR are a part of that excitement, as we advise a South Korean-based project for the first time: Transportation Enterprise Merchandise Customer Organization (TEMCO) Project.

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TLDR is excited about the Korean rise of crypto. After attending Asia’s most prominent blockchain event, Korea Blockchain Week, the team witnessed firsthand the innovation and possibility surrounding the sector.

South Korea has always pushed to be a major force in technology, and it’s now shifting its sights to crypto. These are exciting times for South Korea and TLDR are a part of that excitement, as we advise a South Korean-based project for the first time: Transportation Enterprise Merchandise Customer Organization (TEMCO) Project.

TLDR is always looking to be involved with new projects that seek to alter the digital landscape as we know it. After meeting TEMCO in Korea, the team decided to turn a shared passion and enthusiasm for each other’s work into further collaboration. Graham Friedman, one of TLDR’s Founding Partners, explains;

“Having met in Korea, both teams are big fans of each other’s work. For TLDR, we are excited to work with a project that spans two prominent areas in our sector: supply chain, and Korea. Beyond that, we believe that TEMCO is reaching for reasonable goals in creating the first steps towards a clear, supply chain data management system.”

We believe that TEMCO shares our core beliefs and can make a huge difference to the efficiency and transparency of supply chains.

Introducing TEMCO

TEMCO’s main aim is to provide greater transparency and reliability across the entire supply chain process, delivering trustworthy information that empowers businesses and consumers.

Existing supply chain systems only provide access to basic shipping logs and estimations. With customers progressively demanding more information about their orders, TEMCO is looking to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who do not have sufficient infrastructure or financial flexibility. On offer is a groundbreaking blockchain-based solution that will allow SMEs to provide supply chain management data to their customers. Through TEMCO’s business intelligence tool, SMEs can also gain valuable business insights including customer data. The consumer application enables consumers to not only track supply chain data and vendor information, but they can also purchase quality products from proven vendors. TEMCO envisions a revolution in supply chain management through the application of innovative blockchain technology that’s underpinned by smart contracts.

Scott Jaeseob Yoon, Co-Founder and CEO of TEMCO, leverages over six years of experience in corporate finance as an Equity Manager, FX Trader, and Financial analyst. Speaking about the new partnership with TLDR, Scott said:

“Having TLDR’s entire team advising TEMCO in various areas of the project is very valuable to us. They have a wide range of experience and expertise including marketing, strategy, technology, and blockchain industry. Through their experience advising other successful blockchain projects, TEMCO will be able to excel in many areas while developing a consistent strategy and voice.”

The admiration is mutual. TLDR’s partners share a strong belief that Scott has built up a solid team to help deliver TEMCO’s vision effectively and efficiently. Graham Friedman explains why TEMCO are such a good fit for TLDR:

“We’ve been waiting for a supply chain solution, but have never found anyone that could plug all of the holes in the process. TEMCO impressed us because they are building an ambitious project that is looking to take us one step closer to a full solution. It will take time to crack the nut that is supply chain, but we believe that TEMCO is a great contender to get cracking at the shell


Innovative and Exciting

Not only is TEMCO part of the vibrant and upcoming South Korean cryptosphere, the project also holds the potential to revolutionize the supply chain — making the massive global trade infrastructure more transparent, efficient and accessible. If this level of ambition through innovation wasn’t attractive enough, TEMCO is also based on Rootstock (RSK), a blockchain network that TLDR have not yet had the opportunity to fully explore and engage with.

One of the key drivers for a successful working relationship is excitement. Feeling the passion and drive behind a project is important, and is often fundamental to success. TLDR’s Managing Partner, Tom Graham, expands on why TEMCO is such an exciting prospect;

“TEMCO is an impressive team, and the first RSK project that we’ve worked with. We see numerous problems in the supply chain space that can be solved, or at least facilitated by blockchain applications. TEMCO convinced us that they are capable of taking the next steps in merging these two fields and we are excited to assist them in this endeavor.”

The Future

The TEMCO project is currently undergoing its Private Sale phase, before moving towards whitelisting, prior to entering its Public Sale phase during Q4 2018. TLDR will be working closely with TEMCO to assist them throughout the entire ICO process, advising on marketing insight and strategy, developing B2B connections in the supply chain space, assisting with cybersecurity assessment, and providing general overall support. Looking ahead, Scott Jaeseob Yoon added:

“TLDR’s global presence will help TEMCO to build a strong audience including strategic partners and global community around the world.”

The South Korean cryptosphere is on the rise, and TLDR is thrilled to be a part of that, working with such an innovative and game-changing project.

If you’re interested in finding ways to collaborate and partner with TLDR, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

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