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There's often been an energy and enthusiasm driving the Asian technology market, with Southeast Asia, in particular, becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the continent. As crypto and blockchain technology start to gain prominence worldwide, SE Asia is readily embracing it all. TLDR is dedicated to staying on the frontline of crypto.

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There’s often been an energy and enthusiasm driving the Asian technology market, with Southeast Asia, in particular, becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the continent. As crypto and blockchain technology start to gain prominence worldwide, SE Asia is readily embracing it all.

TLDR is dedicated to staying on the frontline of crypto - from attending major Asian blockchain events to forming advisory partnerships with leading Asian influencers and projects, such as TEMCO. We are continually looking for ways to help drive adoption within the space, and see our ongoing partnership with Beyond Blocks as part of our commitment and contribution to the evolution of the token economy.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the Beyond Blocks Bangkok Conference in November. Alex Yamashita, one of TLDR’s founding partners, will be one of four members of the TLDR team speaking at the event. He is full of praise for the Beyond Blocks team and their ability to stage high-quality events:

“The Beyond Blocks crew has really ticked off all the boxes in terms of understanding and knowing what it means to actually put on a proper event. For us, it really comes down to supporting people who are trying to do a good job. We would love to do this sort of thing ourselves, but we don’t really have the bandwidth to do it at the frequency, and with as much dedication Gabriel and the Beyond Blocks team can. So why not support them.”

With Bangkok as the choice of setting for this edition of Beyond Blocks, it further demonstrates the team’s understanding of the burgeoning Asian crypto community and Thailand’s relevance to the space as a whole. Thailand is swiftly becoming vitally important in the cryptosphere with the government investing in creating their own central bank digital currency, and Thai regulators making progress in setting up regulations and licenses to ensure Thailand is crypto-friendly to traders and investors. Beyond Blocks Bangkok is practically an acknowledgment of the strides taken by this jurisdiction to help drive adoption, and this is something that TLDR wholeheartedly support.

As a global advisory firm specializing in building companies and infrastructure for the new token economy, we’re thrilled to once again be part of such an important event aiming to drive the blockchain industry forward in Asia. It’s a vibrant and emerging audience and we can’t wait to get involved.

Beyond Blocks Bangkok

Beyond Blocks Bangkok is an industry-leading platform, bringing the brightest minds in the blockchain space together to collectively share ideas and knowledge for the betterment of the industry. COO of Beyond Blocks, Gabriel Yang, explains his vision for the summit:

“Beyond Blocks is working with a number of associations and government agencies in this part of the world, especially for SE Asia. It opens the door to a lot of potential meetings, collaborative opportunities, and introductions. It’s about leveraging the platform to make key meetings or key connections happen, which previously may not have been possible.”

At its heart, Beyond Blocks is a networking event. It’s a chance for key figures in the industry to meet face-to-face and open the pathways for future collaborations. It’s also a space to share knowledge, with some exciting talks and meets on the agenda. In line with the current buzz in the crypto industry, there’s a discussion on Regulating Blockchain Innovation - Necessity or Hindrance? and The Evolution and Future of Crypto Exchanges. As for what to expect from the event, TLDR’s Alex Yamashita acknowledges its importance to the continued evolution of the crypto community:

“I think people can expect a well-rounded, very global set of participants. A good mix and a good diverse range of quality people will be there. We’re really supporting Beyond Blocks because I think that they provide a necessary function in the ecosystem.”

Something new for this edition of Beyond Blocks, however, will be the TLDR Fireside Chat. Gabriel explains why gathering the TLDR Partners in conversation is such a unique event:

“For the first time ever we’re going to be doing a fireside chat with the TLDR family. Essentially, the objective here is to find out how TLDR is different from most of the other funds or firms out there. Everybody brings something unique to the table. They’re not just a bunch of serial entrepreneurs and ex-investment banking guys. They have that, but at the same time, they also come from a unique set of backgrounds. We want to find out how they manage to collaborate and essentially how, as an industry, we can learn from what TLDR has achieved.”

Alex provides some further insight into his part of the presentation:

“I’ll really be focusing on us internally - TLDR as an organization. The talk that I’ll be a part of is about where we’re going and how we are building this decentralized organization, this sort of new model.”

Beyond Blocks has gathered a global network of speakers for the event, including TLDR’s own Tom Graham, Alex Yamashita, Eugene Kan, and Chuck Mcgraw, as well as CoCoon Ignite Ventures’ Roland Yau and TechCrunch writer Jon Russell. The conference also features some homegrown talent, keen to share the Thai passion for crypto. Co-founder & Co-CEO of SIX Network, Vachara Aemavat, and the SEC Thailand’s Technology Consultant, Bhume Bhumiratana, will be sharing their views and knowledge at the summit.

Driving Adoption

There’s a growing wave of countries, who were crypto-resistant initially, now beginning to shift towards adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Driving this adoption is what motivates the TLDR team, and Asia’s role in the evolution of the crypto space adoption represents a huge step towards a more attractive, regulated future for new projects, investors and talent. It is exciting to be a part of this movement, and TLDR’s partnership with Beyond Blocks is recognition of this fact.

Gabriel explains how the partnership between Beyond Blocks and TLDR formed:

“We were connected by mutual peers in the industry. It was like an alignment where we really liked and respected what TLDR was doing. We were very interested in engaging with them. Also, partly because they partnered with some of the most successful ICO projects today, especially from Korea. TLDR was looking for a legitimate platform of high value, high-quality content to essentially create brand awareness and build a community. We were looking for legitimate partners with the potential of a long-term partnership. So TLDR came on board officially as a sponsor for Beyond Blocks Summit during Korea Blockchain Week.”

As with all good collaborations, it’s a symbiotic relationship - everybody stands to gain. The wealth of experience, knowledge, and contacts that are on offer at Beyond Blocks provide participants with ample opportunities to form new partnerships and expand their networks. Gabriel expands on this:

“TLDR is one of the handful of reputable investors and advisors in the space, so having Beyond Blocks attached to the TLDR brand helps us. They’re putting their money where their mouth is and that adds a lot of trust to the Beyond Blocks brand. It’s a vice versa thing. TLDR is involved in Beyond Blocks as a brand because we’ve proven over the last year that we are a reliable platform that shares similar objectives to TLDR - to build a better business ecosystem.”

According to Alex, Beyond Blocks Bangkok promises to be an event not to be missed:

“They know how to put on an event. Production-wise, ratings are high quality. They find people who know what they’re actually talking about and who actually have added to the industry. They have a very global perspective, which I think helps a lot.”

If you’re looking to gain industry insight from some truly knowledgeable speakers, connect with experienced crypto people, find projects and teams to collaborate and partner with, or just soak up the atmosphere, you should look towards Bangkok, November 26–27.

If you’re interested in finding ways to collaborate and partner with TLDR, don’t hesitate to reach out here.

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