Meet The TLDR Investment Team

Investments are a critical part of tokenization projects. We understand that at TLDR, and we want to help open up a new world of investment opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

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Blockchain technology is still in its relative infancy. Its applications are diverse and developing daily across projects from protocols and business-facing solutions, to redefining the consumer experience. The potential to properly build and disrupt multiple industries through transparency and innovative funding models is key. At TLDR, this is what we’re about.

We’re a global advisory firm that specializes in tokenization projects and their interface with public markets. TLDR brings together a diverse team from a range of different disciplines, but all united by a passion for defining the future of crypto.


Investments are a critical part of tokenization projects. We understand that at TLDR, and we want to help open up a new world of investment opportunities that are accessible to everyone. Our Investment Team provides services to TLDR with one goal in mind: to bring crypto into the real world, and real-world best practices into the crypto space.

Meet The Team Behind The Profiles

Jon Knipper

Jon Knipper, TLDR.

A background in Interest Rate Sales and Fixed Income Macro Sales, at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs respectively, has led Jon to his role here a TLDR. Now he’s looking at ways of promoting a fixed income approach to crypto investments. His vision for the future of investments is one where everyone is comfortable and confident with crypto. Jon wants to help everyone transition seamlessly into that future - from traditional funds into digital investments.

Here’s why Jon joined TLDR:

“I’ve followed the crypto-currency space for many years (building hobby mining rigs with friends) and have a professional background in FX and fixed income markets. The chance to be involved in a new ecosystem and witness the creation of a new market is a unique opportunity.”

Scott Hirokane

Scott Hirokane, TLDR.

A B.S. in Chemical Engineering isn’t exactly what you’d expect a Portfolio Manager to have. Usually, though, Scott’s 15 years of investment banking experience with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs is where people focus. There he was an Executive Director and head of Program Trading for Asia Pacific. These days, Scott puts his energy and enthusiasm into providing TLDR with custom portfolio solutions within the token economy.

Here’s why Scott joined TLDR:

“Mainstream means of exchanging money, valuing goods and moving capital is due for disruption. I wanted to be part of a forward-thinking team that would shape the future of the space.”

Jeboah (Bo) Joerg

Jeboah Joerg, TLDR.

In the early days, Bo spent time in New York as part of the Goldman Sachs derivatives group. As Vice President of Converts Trading, Bo looked after the healthcare, biotech and transport portfolios. His travels took him to Hong Kong where he was Executive Director for Goldman Sachs, leading the convertible bond trading effort across Asia. At TLDR, Bo’s aim is to bring a fixed income trading approach to the management of TLDR’s crypto asset portfolios, as he believes it will make the crypto world even more accessible to experienced and novice investors alike.

Here’s why Bo joined TLDR:

“In order to help bring some more traditional financial practices to a new asset class.”

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