Demystifying Media, Advertising & Blockchain, With The Digital Future Council

It wasn’t your typical Cannes experience. By design, it was the complete antithesis of the stuff going on by the water.

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As founding members of the Digital Future Council — a think tank where creative leaders and technology innovators explore ways of implementing blockchain within the creative industries — we were happy to sponsor the DFC’s launch event at Cannes, during the Cannes Lions festival.

It wasn’t your typical Cannes experience. By design, it was the complete antithesis of the stuff going on by the water.

The Crypto Conundrum

Crypto enters the space with a unique proposition. It’s instantly global from day one and brings a new-found approach to business-building, security, and convenience. It’s a game-changer. Perhaps this is why it’s often met with resistance.

There’s a divisiveness about crypto (purposeful or otherwise) that draws parallels with the dotcom bubble. People are understandably wary and reticent to jump on the blockchain bandwagon. But lessons have been learned since those heady days of the early internet. There’s a lot to be optimistic about the future of crypto and blockchain, despite the dystopian media portrayals.

Volatility Vs. Versatility

The crypto space is an ever-evolving and continually developing digital arena. Volatile is a word often used to describe it. But this is usually leveled at the major cryptocurrencies and their sometimes extreme shifts in market price. It’s what grabs the headlines.

Volatile, though, is not a word we’d use to describe the technology behind crypto. In fact, we believe the opposite to be true. Blockchain brings with it the promise of stability, transparency, and security to any transaction or exchange of information. Its strength lies in its versatility.

So, having the opportunity to evangelize about the future potential of our favorite tech was something not to be missed. Especially when alongside many high-profile personalities from Vice (VP and Head of Innovation, Mark Adams), Universal (VP Brand Partnerships — Global, Joshua Burke), Warner Bros. (VP, Danni Murray), LEGO (Head of Emerging Platforms, James Poulter), and many others from the creative and media industry.

Cannes, Villas And Blockchain Chat

The DFC launch took place in the relaxed setting of a villa, away from the madness of the main Cannes Lions event on the waterfront. The unpretentious and fun nature of the villa meant real conversations, not stuffy pitching. Everyone was able to kick back, chat informally and take a dip in the pool with an inflatable unicorn carefully watching over. This wasn’t a blockchain conference. It was an opportunity to meet up and shoot the breeze with some really interesting people, who just happened to represent some of the biggest names in advertising and media, in a beautiful and relaxing setting. Yes, blockchain chat was on the agenda, but it was more in the guise of sharing a collective enthusiasm and excitement for the different projects being represented at the villa.

This is the way to engage people. Not just brands. But publishers and consumers too. The full range of participants within the media exchange need to be involved in the conversation. They need to feel the buzz and share in the excitement. That’s why going in with a sales pitch won’t work.

Blockchain IS For Everyone

So, if a sales pitch is the wrong approach, and enthusing people is the way forward, where do you go next? How do you ensure that enthusiasm turns into adoption?

What events like the DFC launch prove is that demystifying the crypto space and taking the complexity out of blockchain, will make it more welcoming. If people are relaxed they are more receptive and responsive. The hard sell doesn’t work. But conversation, information, explanation, and education should help take the sting out of the dystopian media portrayal.

Simple enough. And yet, the road is long.

One of the key takeaways from the DFC event was the need to draw people into blockchain. There’s understandable apprehension surrounding crypto. It gets a pretty bad rap in the media at the moment. The mission now is to focus and champion the positive elements of the crypto world and get people excited about the possibilities that blockchain can offer the media and advertising space.

If our alternative Cannes experience is anything to go by, we’re already on the right track.

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